Management Team -

Jonathan Cassaday

If you want a log home, or already own a log home, you want Jon on your speed dial. The son of a custom home builder, Jon grew up shadowing his father on job sites, literally growing up in the industry and learning from the ground up the skills, work ethic and pure love of the trade that makes him stand head and shoulders above the crowd today.

For more than 25 years, Jon has been known as a hard core log guy with a heart dedicated to log structure maintenance and restoration. With extensive on-the-job experience and an artists’ eye for ensuring that the log structures he works on retain their natural beauty as well as structural integrity, Jon is a respected master of his craft and one of the industry’s top experts.

Having a strong desire to be part of the log home culture early on, Jon launched Prolog Restoration as a trusted resource for expertise, care and craftsmanship when it comes to these unique structures that continue to capture people’s dreams and imagination.

Bottom line – Jon’s the person log home owners trust and turn to when it comes to building, maintaining, and ensuring their dream home lasts for generations to come.