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When looking for Big Bear log home restoration companies, you need to consider many things. Are they an established business in the local area? Are they qualified to do your type of project? Just because a Big bear renovation contractor did a great job on your neighbor’s kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean that they can do the same great job on your log cabin repair or log home porch addition.

ProLog Restorations – Big Bear Log Home Restoration

Our professionals at ProLog Restorations have years of experience in the Big Bear log home renovation field. This experience allows us to complete our projects on time and with unmatched quality. The experts of ProLog Restorations take pride in every project we begin. This pride shows in our finished projects with professional quality each and every time. No matter your log home log replacement needs, our Big Bear contractors have the experience and knowledge to guarantee quality service.

Big Bear Weather Sealing

The log cabin makes up some of the most beautiful houses in the woods. A log home or log home addition has to fit its setting. They are a little more labor intense, especially when it comes to trim work. It is all worth it when everything goes together and blends in for that natural woodsy look. Log home maintenance is a must to keep your log home weather sealing intact.

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Big Bear Log Home Staining

If you have recently built or bought a new log home in the Big Bear area, then you know the joy and excitement of finally stepping back in time to the rustic feel and the slower paced lifestyle that a log home offers. You may have even said, ‘this is the life’!

However, if you have had your Big Bear, California home for a couple of years, you may have noticed the stain is not looking as good as it once did. You may notice on the sunny side of the home premature fading and, or blisters and peeling. You may see black spots and patches showing through the stain that seem to be growing larger. I am often asked if this stain performance is the normal progression and is it to be expected. My answer is ‘yes, under the circumstances.’ However, the answer should be ‘no’ if the log home is properly prepared to receive the stain. If any of this sounds familiar, there is a good possibility more is going on with your logs than you might imagine.

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