December 12, 2014

How to Decorate Your Log Home for the Holiday Season

loghome_holidayLog homes and the winter holidays go together like hot cocoa and marshmallows. Whether you live there full-time or use it to escape from the hustle-and-bustle of city life, log homes decorated in their seasonal finery are much beloved symbols of warmth, romance, and tradition.

No matter if you love lots of sparkle – or a few simple touches – you’ve already got the perfect setting when starting with a log home. Here are a few fun ideas, perfect for all tastes and budgets, to help you get started on your log home decor this season.

For those who love nature’s beauty, start with natural accents like pine cones, seasonal fruits, greens, and nature-theme ornaments. Arrange them in glass hurricane lanterns, wooden bowl or birch baskets around your home. An elegant rustic look can also be created by blending classic items such as bark, burlap, twine, Mason jars, and wreaths, with eye-catching sparkle in gold candles, garland, bronze reindeer, rustic bells and twinkle lights.

More modern flair can be achieved by creating a monochromatic wonderland on your fireplace mantle with majestic silver candlesticks, mini trees or wreaths made of white feathers and bleached sea stars grouped cleverly together.

Don’t forget to decorate outside. Highlighting the natural rustic exterior of your log cabin with outdoor-approved twinkle lights on the eaves, forest greenery draped around the doorway, and winter berries tucked in for a bit of bright color is simple to do and easy on your budget. And don’t forget pinecones, a holiday decorating staple that is readily available for homes that are located in or near pine forests.

For lots more decorating ideas, check out our Pinterest account. If you have great ideas you’d love to share, send us your pictures – we’d love to see them!