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When performed by an experienced professional, media blasting log homes is an effective way to remove mold, mildew and existing stain or other finishes from your log structure. There are different types of media blasting you can use, including, corn cob and walnut to abrade the finish off the wood or logs. Each of these have pros and cons depending on the unique situation of your structure, but for most the end result is a cleaner, lighter wood surface that brightens your home’s appearance and prepares it for a fresh stain and seal that will revive your home’s beauty.

Please Note: Many Riverside log restoration professionals find what works best for them and they have years of experience mastering the technique. We encourage you to talk with each company about their specific method however, keep in mind they can be very “opinionated and passionate” about the method they use to remove the existing finish.


Cornblasting is similar to sandblasting, but has several advantages. For example, cornblasting medium is biodegradable and much gentler on the logs than sandblasting, which tends to pit and highlight the wood grain. The end result is a lighter wood surface, brightening your California home’s overall appearance. Call us today to schedule cornblasting for you log home or cabin.

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Our professionals have years of experience in the field. This experience allows us to complete our projects on time and with unmatched quality. We give the attention to detail to media blasting that you should expect from the professionals.

From start to finish, our professionals here at ProLog Restorations work with the homeowner every step of the way. Our goal to ensure that our media blasting leaves your log home looking pristine! All of the professionals at ProLog Restorations start every project with the goal of providing an enjoyable experience for the homeowner. For a truly unmatched media blasting service call on the professionals of ProLog Restorations today!

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