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Staining offers a lot of advantages for a log home or other type of building. The main reason people choose to use stain is aesthetic – it gives the wood lasting beautiful color while protecting it from UV damage that causes wood to turn gray. Other advantages of using a high-quality stain are protection from water, insects, mildew and mold.

Be sure to consult with a log home professional choose the right time, kind of stain and application methods for your home. When to stain most often depends on the location of the home and exposure to the sun. A south-facing wall in the northern hemisphere will fail first because of continuous exposure to the sun. In some locations wall temperatures can exceed 150 degrees during the peak of the day and as low as 75 at night. Radical temperature swings as well as solar radiation will cause finishes to fail much sooner for an exposed southern-facing wall, when compared to a north-facing wall that is shaded by a porch, awning or strategically placed landscaping such as large trees or shrubs. In extreme cases stain or sealer may need to be reapplied on a yearly basis. However, for most log structures, you can plan on re-staining your on an average of every 5-7 years.

At Prolog we offer non-toxic, environmentally safe options for staining and sealing so that you don’t have to worry about exposure for your family, while still enjoying the peace of mind from knowing your log home is protected from the elements.

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Why You Should Hire Us For Your Log Home Staining Needs

We strive for excellent service, that’s on time and at an affordable price. We approach every log home staining project with the highest level of professionalism and quality craftsmanship.

Our staining experts will work with the homeowner to ensure the homeowner is kept up-to-date throughout the project. We want to ensure that homeowner is completely satisfied with the finished project. At ProLog Restorations, our Riverside staining experts strive to provide homeowners with a service experience that is unmatched. Call on ProLog Restorations today to find out why countless other Riverside homeowners have choose us for their log home staining needs.

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