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5 Ways to Maximize Small Spaces in Your Log Home

Even the coziest of cabins can start to feel a little cramped when cold temperatures drive you indoors more often during the winter months. Smaller-sized log homes are just as popular as ever, though, for several reasons. They’re affordable, easy to care for as a vacation getaway, and provide classic old-world charm that remains timeless. Squeezing everything you need into small spaces can be challenging, but with these tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be able to turn small spaces into smart spaces and stay comfortable no matter how cozy things get.

#1 Lighten up: All it takes is a touch of paint or a few well-placed mirrors to make a cramped room feel more spacious. Use a light color paint or stain on walls. Or, if you would rather keep your logs natural, use mirrors and glass placed strategically in the room to create reflections and bounce light around. One more trick? Hang art in glass or gilt frames, which can both catch and reflect light.

#2: Invite the sun In: When it comes to windows, curtain placement makes all the difference how large or small a room may seem. Cover up the windows with narrow, heavy drapes, and you risk making the room seem that much smaller. Instead, position curtain rods so that they extend beyond window frames horizontally, allowing more light in when curtain are drawn back, and drawing the eye outward to create a sense of larger space.

#3: Log size does matter: If you’re building a small log home, keep logs to scale. Think proportion. Huge logs can make a small home feel even smaller. Logs that complement the size of your home’s rooms are a better bet. Be sure to consult with a log home professional as you’re planning your new log home to make sure every aspect of both size and comfort are addressed before you start building.

#4: Put function first: If you only eat at the kitchen bar while sitting on barstools, get rid of the dining table to create more space. If you only like to shower, get rid of the traditional bath tub. Take a tour through each of your rooms and be honest about what you use – and what you don’t use. Ruthlessly remove what isn’t needed and you’ll be amazed at the new feeling of spaciousness you’ll create.

#5: A bright kitchen: The kitchen is often the most-used room in the house, so be strategic about how you use everything in smaller layouts. Install cabinets all the way to the ceiling to maximize use of space. Light-colors on cabinets and countertops, open shelving, and glass-front doors can also lighten up the space.

We hope this article provides helpful insight for making the most of tight spots in your log home. If you have any small-space tricks you’ve used in your cabin, we’d love to hear about them. Leave your ideas in the comments below, or email us at For more cozy log cabin living ideas check out our photo gallery here on the website, and be sure to check out the Prolog Pinterest boards at


Jon5 Ways to Maximize Small Spaces in Your Log Home

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