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7 Reasons for Spending the Holidays in a Log Cabin

Log homes offer the perfect setting for rustic holiday celebrations. While we can appreciate the hustle and bustle of the city this time of year, in our opinion nothing beats spending the holidays in a log cabin. We’ve compiled a list of a few reasons we love log cabins for Christmas and invite you to celebrate with us this season.

  1. You just can’t beat the beauty of pure white snow. Whether admiring it from a cozy picture window, or crunching through it in snow boots and making snow angels, there’s just something magical about an untouched expanse of snow.
  2. Nature – up close and personal. Watching deer tip toe across your yard, colorful birds clamoring at your birdfeeders, elk, antelope, fox, rabbits and a wide variety of wildlife can be pretty awe-inspiring when you’re there in person to experience it.
  3. Star-gazing. When you get away from city lights, the skies viewed at night will literally dazzle you with stars that suddenly seem so bright and close. Sit back, get comfy, and prepare to ohhh and ahhhhh.
  4. Breathing in the smells of a fresh pine forest, just outside your door.
  5. Cutting down your own Christmas trees and using simple rustic decorations such as popcorn strands, pinecones and leftover fabric bows.
  6. When you get away to a log home in the country or mountains, you truly get away. No bumper to bumper traffic, crowded restaurants, crazed shoppers at the malls. Stillness, peace and serenity are all around you.
  7. While you could technically make all these anywhere, it always seems like hot cocoa, s’mores and fresh cinnamon rolls enjoyed around a roaring fire just taste better.

If you’d like some log home holiday decorating and activity ideas for your winter getaway, be sure to check out our Prolog Restorations Pinterest boards at If you have great ideas you’d love to share, send us your pictures – we’d love to see them!

Jon7 Reasons for Spending the Holidays in a Log Cabin

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