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California Cabins: How too much sun can harm log homes

If you own a log home in beautiful California, you probably feel pretty lucky. All that sunshine, gorgeous weather, and great scenery does make for some of the best log cabin living you can get. However, when it comes to homes and other structures built with logs, there comes a point where too much sunshine can begin to cause problems.

Just like the sun’s UV rays can damage our skin, the wood logs of your home can also sustain UV damage. The very nature of the log’s rounded shape makes it more susceptible to damage from sunlight than that of flat boards and siding. The curvature of each log allows greater access to more direct sunlight throughout the day.

Poor construction, neglect and a lack of protection for your log home is also a big factor in potential sun damage. If your logs are bare wood, or an inferior stain has been used that doesn’t include UV protection, it’s like spending a day at the beach without a drop of sunblock.

Here at Prolog Restorations, we help build and maintain a lot of log homes throughout California. And we’re always on the lookout for signs of UV damage. It’s very important to have your log home professionally maintained and your logs protected to extend the life and beauty of your home – and protect your wallet. Investing in professional care and high-quality materials from the start will help defend you from excessive repairs and replacement down the road.

The right stain and weatherproofing treatments for your logs are essential. Dry and cracked logs can lead to moisture damage later on when storms and rain come through. Want to do a quick weatherproofing check yourself? All you need is a simple squirt bottle of water. Spray some water in different areas of the logs. If the water beads up and rolls off, you’re good. If it soaks in, it’s time to apply a new coat of stain.

While you’re doing this water test, you can also keep your eye out for other common signs of sun damage, including:

  • Blackened areas on logs
  • Cracked and peeling stain
  • Cracks and openings in the logs themselves

Depending on the area you live in, the placement of your cabin, and how much sun it receives, you should have your log home inspected and treated anywhere from every year to every 10 years. For instance, if your home faces West or South with lots of sunshine and little shade or rain, you’ll probably need to have it inspected more often.

A quick consult with our log home restoration experts will give you a better idea of how often you personally need to give attention to this aspect of your home maintenance. Give us a call at 877-477-6564 and we’ll be happy to give you some insight.

No matter how old your log home is, it’s never too late to take steps to protect it from further damage and extend the life of your home. When you hire someone to inspect, repair or treat your logs, be sure that they use a stain especially for log homes that includes a UV inhibitor. Without this, UV rays are able to penetrate through the stain and deep into the wood, causing damage and rot from within. Your logs may look good, but beneath the surface they are rotting away, which will mean much more cost for repair and replacement down the road than for investing in high-quality products and proper maintenance in the first place.

JonCalifornia Cabins: How too much sun can harm log homes

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