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How to Choose the Right Company to Work on Your Log Home

Choosing the right log home company to help build or maintain your log home may be one of the most important decisions you make for the beauty and longevity of your log home. Choosing someone without the right qualifications and industry expertise can turn your dream into a nightmare. That’s why, as one of the top California log home companies, we feel it’s important to share some helpful tips. When it’s time for building, maintenance, renovation or restoration for your log home or place of business, here are a few qualities you need to look for that will help you choose the right person to work with.

Experience: Building, restoring, and maintaining log homes requires unique skills and dedication for these one-of-a-kind structures. Therefore it makes sense to hire log home professionals with a robust background in log home construction and log home maintenance. Look for a log home contractor that appreciates and understands log homes, with a solid background in general construction, experience with log home building and restoration, as well as a passion for what he does.

Knowledge: Maintenance including staining, restoring, repairing, refinishing, caulking, weather sealing and similar tasks is critical for the life of your log home – and often overlooked by general contractors lacking the knowledge it takes to maintain these unique structures. Be sure to check out the website of any company you are thinking of hiring, to evaluate the depth of experience and knowledge they possess, as well as see photos of projects they’ve worked on and information they share.

References: The best way to gauge a log home professional’s qualifications and ability to work with you is to talk to other people who have worked with them. If able, try to visit the sites of other log homes they have built or done work for, as well.

Background: Whether your choosing California log home companies or a log home company in Nevada or elsewhere, make sure they are familiar with the local codes and environment of where your log home or place of business is located. Check that they are licensed and bonded. And inquire with the local contractor’s board or similar state or regional authority, including your state’s attorney general’s office, to see if the builder has any fines, litigations or other negatives on file.

Passion: Your log home is unique and a special part of your life. The people you choose to work should be passionate about restoring and maintaining the natural beauty and structural integrity of log homes as much as you are. Here at Prolog Restoration, we often hear of other companies recommending older log structures be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. This is one of the absolute last things you’ll ever hear from us – because most of the time this is untrue and we are able to save and revitalize these venerable structures. We have a complete staff of highly-trained professionals including architects, designers and master craftsmen who blend the best of old-world craftsmanship with modern technology. We love log homes and we’re dedicated to restoring these unique homes and preserving them for generations to come.

If you own a log home, or are planning on building a new log home, we hope you’ll think of us. Prolog Restorations is a family-owned business dedicated to preserving and maintaining log homes and structures. For the last 30 years, we’ve been the go-to resource for professional log home construction, restoration and maintenance services throughout California.

When it comes to California log home companies, we provide unsurpassed experience, superior craftsmanship and extensive knowledge for building and preserving log homes and structures. We are a state licensed contractor with 30 years of experience, are professionally certified, bonded, and insured and our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

JonHow to Choose the Right Company to Work on Your Log Home

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