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Easy renovation and makeover ideas for log homes

The rustic look and getaway vibe of log homes is undeniably one of the first things that attracts people to them. But after you’ve enjoyed your log home for a few years, you might feel the need to upgrade some of the more rustic parts or add your own personal touch to make it more functional and comfortable for you and your guests. If you’re worried that it might take too much time or money, don’t put up a “For Sale” sign just yet. There are a number of easy, budget-friendly projects that can give your home an HGTV-worthy makeover while still keeping that cozy, inviting feel that only a log home can provide.

Interior Log Accents

Starting inside the house, there are a variety of projects you can do to add or upgrade the log cabin charm factor such as installing dramatic wood beams, false rafters or interior log siding. You can mix or match the types of wood or variety of stains to create the right look for your unique decorating style. These kinds of projects are usually low in cost and high in impact, dramatically updating your home and giving it an entirely new feel.

Porch Extensions & Additions

If you want to boost your curb appeal while adding functional space to your log home, a new porch or porch extension can make all the difference. Not only does a well-designed porch make your home look more inviting, it can increase the value of a cabin far more than the cost to build it. If you’ve got an entry with steps and a small overhang, extending the space to create a larger porch or even full deck that covers one or more sides of the home adds bonus protection from the elements, and lots more space for you and your guests to spend an afternoon relaxing and enjoying the view.

Exterior Log Siding and Accents

Many older homes in the mountains, especially those built in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, were constructed using T1-11 siding, a wood or wood-based product popular for its natural, wood-grained look. Today, though, homeowners are looking for more authentic and natural solutions for their home by using real logs. There are a few ways to transform old siding into something new and attractive. You can replace the siding with rustic or milled logs, custom-made to fit the look you want. For smaller projects, you can add log accents on ridges and log corners.

Doors and windows

Replacing doors and windows on an older home is one of the best ways to give it a makeover without investing too much time or money. Installing dramatic French doors in place of old sliders, or solid wood in place of aluminum is an easy way to improve your home’s first impression, inside and out.

Here at Prolog, we’ve been planning and helping clients with their log home renovation and porch addition projects for the past 30 years. Unlike other log home contractors, we have our own log yard and can make custom accents, trestle beams, posts, and more that will blend in perfectly for our client’s unique homes and projects – quicker, easier and for less money than those who have to use third-party lumber yards for materials. For ideas, check out the Portfolio on our website, or call us to share what your vision is. And if you’d like a free consultation for your home, complete with our recommendations and ideas, please reach out to us at 877-477-6564 or complete our online log home restoration estimate form.


JonEasy renovation and makeover ideas for log homes

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