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How to Get Your Log Home Deck Ready for Spring

Winter may yet be raging in some parts of the country, but here in California we’re seeing hints of spring on its way. Year-round exposure to sun, rain and snow takes its toll on decks, especially log homes located in higher mountain areas. That’s why now is a good time to start planning to get your log home deck cleaned up and looking good so you are ready to take advantage of balmier weather when it finally hits.

Remove debris

Start by removing all loose dirt, leaves, pine needles, and other debris with a thorough sweeping of the entire deck. Be sure to look up as well and remove cobwebs and other trash from high corners or on columns or overhangs. Next, all the stuff that gets caught between the boards in your flooring needs to be dealt with. You can use a putty knife or some other type of thin, dull blade to get in between the boards and remove debris.

Clean it up

Now that the trash is gone, it’s time to deal with the dirt. There are different types of cleansers available for decking, depending on the materials. Log home decks are usually made of wood, so be sure to select a cleanser that’s specifically designed for wood, and follow the directions carefully. The cleanser you choose will dictate the application method, but typically all you’ll need is a hose with sprayer and a stiff-bristled brush.

Washing your deck is best done on a cloudy day, so that the deck materials are cool and the sun won’t cause the suds to evaporate, leave unsightly residue, and even more of a mess as you’re cleaning it. Clean from the top down, starting with columns and railings, and working your way down to the deck floor. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Time for stain or sealants

After thoroughly cleaning the deck, take a few days to make sure it is completely dry. You’ll usually want to wait at least 2 or 3 days before applying fresh stain or sealant. Sand down any rough spots, and give your deck one last rub-down with a slightly damp rag to make sure you’ve got a clean surface as your base.

Be sure to consult with a log home professional choose the right kind of stain and application methods for your log cabin deck. Staining offers a lot of advantages, it gives the wood beautiful, lasting color while protecting it from UV damage that can turn wood to gray. Other advantages of a high-quality stain are protection from water, insects, mildew and mold.

Following these steps will help get your log home deck spruced up and ready for spring, with the added bonus of improving the beauty and extending the life of your home. If you need advice about the type of stain to use, or if you might need more extensive log home restoration or repairs, call us today at 877-477-6564 or request a free quote and feedback online by clicking HERE.

JonHow to Get Your Log Home Deck Ready for Spring

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