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How to hire the right builder for your log home

Choosing the right log home builder for your new home may be the most important decision you make. Despite the best design, location and supplies, choosing a builder without the right qualifications and industry expertise can turn your dream into a nightmare. If you’re planning on building a log home in the future, here is a helpful checklist that will help assure a happy future for you and your home.

  1. Communication: This is one quality in a log home builder that you cannot compromise on. Make sure that the person or company you choose to build your log home provides an open line of communication throughout the process, is willing to answer your questions, provide updates and listen to your ideas. If you are having a log home built in an area far away or where you can’t visit often, make arrangements for regular conversations about progress, and see if they can send digital photos of the work in progress.
  2. Experience: Building, restoring, and maintaining log homes requires unique skills and dedication for these one-of-a-kind structures. Therefore it makes sense to hire a builder with a background in log home construction and maintenance. Look for a contractor that appreciates or understands log homes, with a solid background in general construction, experience with log home building and restoration, as well as a passion for what he does.
  3. References: The best way to gauge a builder’s qualifications and ability to work with you is to talk to other people who have worked with them. If able, try to visit the sites of other log homes they have built as well.
  4. Background: When you choose a builder, make sure they are familiar with the local codes and environment of where your log home will be located. Make sure they are licensed and bonded. And check with the local contractor’s board or similar state or regional authority, including your state’s attorney general’s office, to see if the builder has any fines, litigations or other negatives on file.

Taking the time now to make sure your log home is built right is one of the best things you can do to ensure your vision for the perfect log home is brought to life and brings you years of enjoyment to come.

If you are planning new log home construction in the future, we hope you’ll think of us. Here at Prolog Restorations, we provide unsurpassed experience, superior craftsmanship and extensive knowledge for building and preserving log homes and structures. We are a state licensed contractor with 30 years of experience providing service to log home owners throughout California and the Western United States. We are professionally certified, bonded, and insured and our work is 100{bb6570eb172fc1561caaef55e2422101e8cc7424bda63b5543e00521dcebdc33} satisfaction guaranteed! We have a complete staff of highly-trained professionals including architects, designers and master craftsmen who blend the best of old-world craftsmanship with modern technology.

Please feel free to contact our log home expert, Jonathan Cassaday, at to discuss your project and see how we can help. We can’t wait to help bring your dream to life.

JonHow to hire the right builder for your log home

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