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How to Brighten Up Your Log Home this Winter

As the winter months approach, log home interiors that were comfortable all summer can start to feel a little dark and drab. Since lower temps and less daylight means you’re spending more time indoors, it’s the perfect chance to lighten up the décor and the mood without hurting your holiday budget. Here are some ideas you can easily do on your own:

  • Give nature some bling. Spray pinecones with white, silver or gold paint, cover in glitter and place in a bowl or on trays around the house.
  • If you use baskets as part of your décor, clean them with a damp cloth, then give them a coat of paint in lighter, brighter colors.
  • Add mirrors in a few locations to reflect light and create a sense of openness in dark corners or rooms that don’t get much natural light. Try to place them where they will reflect sunlight during the day or interior lights in the evening.
  • Rugs have become much more affordable and easy to care for. Choose some new areas rugs in lighter patters and use them under tables or sitting areas. Be careful with rugs near a fireplace or wood burning stove where stray embers can cause damage and even fire. Among natural materials, wool is considered to have good fire resistance.
  • Lampshades are often overlooked – but great for creating a big impact when you change them with the seasons. You don’t need to buy a new lamp, just find some shades in lighter colors and textures to really lighten up the room.
  • Replace dark curtains with thick ones in warm, light colors that will keep in the warmth without making the house seem dark.
  • Winter flowers such as paper whites and white poinsettias can also brighten up any room while adding festive appeal.

When you’ve got a truly great space to fill in a log home you love, making a few easy changes like these season to season will help to keep the love alive. To see more log home decorating, furniture and building ideas for every season, be sure to check out our Prolog Pinterest board.

JonHow to Brighten Up Your Log Home this Winter

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