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How to keep bugs out of your log home

One of the biggest draws for owning a log home is the call of getting back to nature. Well nature is great, that is until some of nature’s destructive little critters invite themselves to party in your log home and do some damage along the way. But how do you keep bugs out of your log home?

Preventing bugs from invading and damaging your log home or cabin is the best way to tackle the problem. It’s less expensive and less invasive than dealing with them after the fact. The biggest issue when it comes to bugs in your logs is moisture. Excessive moisture causes logs to become soft and rot, practically inviting bugs to move in. The soft wood is like a yummy buffet and easy for bugs to chew and bore through to do their damage. By preventing or getting rid of moisture/rot issues, you’ll help keep bugs out of your log home because they will have no food source and will leave or die.

Preventative measures
Most insects are in search of moist places so by eliminating moisture, you are lessening the chance of your home being infested. To prevent moisture and rot damage for your logs, it’s important to:
• Check the exterior of your cabin regularly – rotting wood is like an open invitation. If you notice soft spots or rotten areas on your logs, it is likely they need repair or replacement to resolve the problem. Once a log starts to rot in one area, the rot will continue to spread unless it is addressed.
• Be sure your logs have been coated with special finishes that resist insects, mold, and mildew, but also allow the log to “breathe” — allowing water that gets inside the log to evaporate and escape, while at the same time repelling more moisture from getting in (and keep bugs out of your log home).
• Regular maintenance and upkeep of your log home with annual treatments or power washing also will help deter insects by helping protective coatings last longer.

Treating infestations in log homes
Crevices and cracks are great places for bugs to nest and hide. To keep them out, use a flexible sealant. Depending on the type of insect you find in your logs, however, there are different ways to treat the issue. A few methods of treating infested wood include paste insecticides, spray treatments, injection treatments, fumigation, replacing rotting wood or using residual borate insecticides.

The easiest way to keep these little destructive critters out of your wood and your home is to be vigilant inspecting and maintaining your log home. If you think you’ve got unwanted guests in your log home, give us a call at 877-477-6564. We’ll be happy to inspect and advise you of the best course of treatment. Our log home pest control experts are here to help you keep bugs out of your log home or get rid of them if they get in.

Chris SandeckiHow to keep bugs out of your log home

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