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How to save on log home repairs

The old saying of spend now, save later has never been truer than when it comes to log homes. Home maintenance experts for traditional “stick-frame” homes like to say that $1 spent now is worth $100 down the road. But when it comes to log homes that number is actually much higher due to the complexity of maintenance and/or log home repairs. Not to mention the need for experienced professionals like ProLog Restorations.

Homeowners with traditional stick-frame homes might be able to do some work on their own and for cheaper. And some log home repairs can also be done by homeowners as well. But for tasks such as log replacement, media blasting or even staining, a professional, experienced company like ProLog Restorations is the best bet to make sure the work is done right, and avoid expensive repairs down the road.

We help homeowners throughout California, Idaho and Washington with log home maintenance, restoration and repairs and know the value of regular upkeep now for avoiding big repairs in the future. Here are a few of our best tips for keeping your log home in good condition:

Tips for log home repairs

Don’t procrastinate: Addressing and fixing problems when you find them, rather than waiting until problems get out of hand, is much easier and cheaper. Finding a leak and stopping it now is much cheaper than removing and replacing rotted logs later.

Inspect regularly: At least once each season make it a habit to inspect your cabin for signs of trouble such as mold or mildew buildup, insects or insect damage such as holes or piles of sawdust, and air or water leaks inside or out. For easy maintenance guidelines and checklists, be sure to download our free ebook “How to Care for a Log Home” at The tips and tricks for creating a low maintenance log home you’ll find in this book will help save a vast amount of time, money, and effort for log home repairs.

Annual maintenance: Once a year you should have a professional crew like ProLog Restoration perform essential log home repairs and maintenance tasks including:

  • washing logs
  • cleaning gutters
  • checking and replacing chinking
  • applying stains
  • removing insect infestations
  • or other repairs as needed

Annual maintenance protects logs from the damage sun, rain and insects can cause and prevents the need for expensive log repair or replacement costs. Spending a few hundred dollars a year now for critical maintenance tasks like these can help you to avoid thousands in restoration and repair bills in the future.

Be sure to download the free ProLog Restoration ebook “How to Care for a Log Home,” to familiarize yourself with the care and maintenance of log homes. To learn more about ProLog Restoration’s log home maintenance services or meet with one of our Log Home Maintenance, Repair and Restoration Specialists, give us a call at 877-477-6564.

JonHow to save on log home repairs

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