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How we use 3D modeling for log homes

Did you know you can practically walk through a new log home or see what additions and changes will look like before they are actually done? Using 3D rendering technology, our log home construction and remodeling experts here at Prolog Restoration are able to design and show you how every aspect of new construction or changes will look –  inside, out, and from all angles – all from the convenience of your computer or tablet.

We’re pretty excited about the value of this service and have already put it to use for repairs, room additions, porch additions and other projects with log homes throughout California.  Just think, with 3D modeling you can virtually eliminate errors due to miscommunication or oversight. And you’ve got the ability to “walk” around your home and look at the plans from every angle and to visualize every design element, deciding what to keep, change, or eliminate on the spot, all with NO construction costs.

Nothing is more exciting than seeing your dream come to life. If you are thinking about adding an extra bedroom, putting on a new porch, or extending your decks around your log home or place of business, we can use 3D rendering technology to our services to help you plan the dimensions, placement, and final look of interior or exterior remodeling or additions.

We start by uploading details about your original structure using digital files, images taken on site, or entering specs to create a digital version of your home or place of business. Then we transform the images to show your ideas for additions or renovations from all angles, giving you an opportunity to decide if the project will meet your needs and fulfill your vision. Adjustments and changes can be made during the process so you can be confident you’ll get what you really want – all before the first hammer goes into action.

We even have a way to let you show off your home before the work is done. Once you are satisfied with the renderings, we can create a high-resolution file for you to keep and for easy reference throughout the project. Just think of how fun it will be to show your friends and family a “living” picture of your plans, letting them experience the exciting changes to your home almost as if they are there in person, no matter where they really are.

For questions or to learn more about our 3D Log Home Rendering and 3D Modeling services, request a free quote, or meet with one of our log home maintenance, construction, and restoration specialists, give us a call at 877-477-6564.

JonHow we use 3D modeling for log homes

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