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Chula Vista Log Home Repair and Maintenance


Log cabins have come a long way. Unlike the homes you remember from the days of “Little House on the Prairie,” today’s log homes offer modern convenience and design innovations that combine the best of the old and the new. Vaulted ceilings, grand fireplaces, modern kitchens, central air and heat offer comfort and convenience in the rustic setting you’ve dreamed of, bringing you the best of both worlds.

Just as these homes are unique, so too are their maintenance needs, especially when compared to “traditional” homes. ProLog Restoration provides complete annual maintenance for Chula Vista log homes that rejuvenates their natural beauty and reduces the risk of future repair or restoration. Log home maintenance includes everything from power washing, sealing and staining, to mold and insect abatement, as well as log chinking and repair. Whatever your log home or log cabin needs, you can be sure that we will dedicate our experience and skill to take care of your log home so that it will take care of you for a long, long time.

Services we provide in Chula Vista

Here are a few of the services we provide in the Chula Vista area, click on each to learn more:

  • Annual Maintenance
  • 3D Modeling
  • Chinking
  • Log Replacement and Repair
  • Media Blasting
  • Porches, Decks and Additions
  • Pressure Washing
  • Staining
  • Thermal Imaging

Chula Vista Log Home Maintenance

A log home can sometimes be a little bit like a diamond in the rough – beautiful and with lots of potential on the inside, but kind of rough and dirty on the outside. Wear and tear of the logs is a natural thing, but the beauty is always there – it just needs some polishing up on a regular basis to make it shine.

A yearly exterior wash is an essential part of maintaining your log home or structure that will help to extend the life of both the logs and the stains and sealants you’ve applied. Washing removes surface contaminants such as dirt, mold, mildew, cobwebs, pollen and bird droppings that will wear the finish prematurely. Washing also gives you a great opportunity to be proactive in finding any potential problems that need attention like failed caulking or chinking, insect damage or dry rot.

While the thought of “washing” your log home may sound like a fun DIY project, the reality can be a little more challenging. While you can perform much of your log home maintenance yourself, we do recommend that you consult with a professional before washing your home to make sure you are using the methods, materials and tools that are right for your home’s unique factors. Prolog Restoration provides annual maintenance, repair and restoration services for Chula Vista log homes, log cabins, and places of business on site and using experienced crews that have worked with log homes for decades.

To learn more about our Chula Vista log home services, request a free quote, or talk with one of our log home maintenance, repair and restoration specialists who work in the Chula Vista area, give us a call at 877-477-6564.

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