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Does My Log Home Need New Electrical?

Your log home might be old, but that doesn’t mean your electrical system should be. Even if you love the old-fashion charm of your home, a modern electrical system is critical for keeping your home and family safe and functioning efficiently. In fact, outdated panels, outlets and wiring in home electrical systems are blamed for


How to save on log home repairs

The old saying of spend now, save later has never been truer than when it comes to log homes. Home maintenance experts for traditional “stick-frame” homes like to say that $1 spent now is worth $100 down the road. But when it comes to log homes that number is actually much higher due to the


How to find the best log home construction and restoration company

If you love your log home, then finding the best company to help you take care of it is a top priority. For residents of California or Idaho, we’ve got you covered. No matter where you live, however, we can help you find the best log home professionals near you. When people want to find

Log Home Myths - ProLog Restorations sets the record straight

Top 5 Log Home Myths

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a log home or getaway log cabin, but have heard a few too many scary stories that make you wonder if they are worth it, we’re here to give you the full truth about log home myths and set the record straight. Myth #1: Painting a log home is

Log home maintenance tips from ProLog Restorations, the log home experts

Top 10 Log Home Maintenance Tasks

Regular log home maintenance is critical for keeping your home or getaway cabin in top shape, while also keeping your upkeep and expenses down. We’ve been helping log home owners throughout California and the Western states keep their log homes looking great and in great shape for more than 30 years. To help you stay

FAQs for choosing the right stain for your log home

Log homes have a unique beauty all their own, and the right kind of stain protects that beauty, allowing it to shine through while adding a touch of color and personality. When it comes to wood stains for log homes, though, the choices can get overwhelming. A handful of years ago you only had a

How to get a fair price for log home repair or restoration

Picking the right contractor to work on your log home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Making that decision based on cost alone is not that way to go. Choosing someone who offers a cheap big can in fact end up damaging the home you care so much about and costing you

How to Lower Log Home Heating Costs

Easy renovation and makeover ideas for log homes

The rustic look and getaway vibe of log homes is undeniably one of the first things that attracts people to them. But after you’ve enjoyed your log home for a few years, you might feel the need to upgrade some of the more rustic parts or add your own personal touch to make it more

Are conventional wood stains ok for a log home?

Natural wood has a unique beauty all its own, and log homes are perfect for showcasing nature’s best and letting wood’s natural beauty shine through. All that gorgeous wood needs some loving care, though, in order to keep its luster and last long, but not just any old stain will do. While it may seem

How we use 3D modeling for log homes

Did you know you can practically walk through a new log home or see what additions and changes will look like before they are actually done? Using 3D rendering technology, our log home construction and remodeling experts here at Prolog Restoration are able to design and show you how every aspect of new construction or

How to find and fix drafts in a log home

Winter winds and snow can be fun to watch from the warmth of a cozy log home, but not so great when frigid drafts start sneaking inside. One common issue that every log home will have to deal with at some time or other is air leakage. Logs naturally expand and contract with the changing

How to get your log home ready for winter

Leaves are turning, nights are getting cool, and it’s definitely feeling like fall. It’s a great time to enjoy the changing seasons, and an even better time to get started with winter-proofing your log home. We’ve helped log home owners throughout California repair, restore and get their homes ready for every season for more than


Choosing the right stain for your log home

Natural wood has a unique beauty all its own, and the right kind of stain allows it to shine though while still adding color and personality. When it comes to wood stains for log homes, there are a lot more options than you might think. In decades past, there were only a handful of choices,

Winter Proofing Log Homes | Log home leaks and water damage repair experts

How to find water leaks in your log home

The last two seasons here in California were unusually wet, and here at Prolog Restorations we’ve been busy helping log home owners throughout the state find log home leaks and fix water damage that occurred. Now that we’re enjoying summer weather, it’s the perfect time to check your own home for signs of leaks or

Log home inspection checklist for buying older log homes

If you’ve decided to act on your dream of owning a log home, and want to buy a classic home that’s been around a while, it’s important to look beyond the dream and beneath the surface to know if it’s the right choice for you. A professional home inspector is always a good idea, and

choosing California log home companies - ProLog Restorations

How to Choose the Right Company to Work on Your Log Home

Choosing the right log home company to help build or maintain your log home may be one of the most important decisions you make for the beauty and longevity of your log home. Choosing someone without the right qualifications and industry expertise can turn your dream into a nightmare. That’s why, as one of the

When to repair or replace your log home roof

No matter how much love and care you put into your log home, it’s inevitable that at some point it will need repairs or even replacement to keep your home safe and secure. The decision of repair vs. replace often torments log home owners. After all, you don’t want to reroof too soon if you

How to Get Your Log Home Deck Ready for Spring

Winter may yet be raging in some parts of the country, but here in California we’re seeing hints of spring on its way. Year-round exposure to sun, rain and snow takes its toll on decks, especially log homes located in higher mountain areas. That’s why now is a good time to start planning to get

How to give your home that log cabin look

With their rustic charm and nostalgic feel, it’s no wonder that so many people love log cabins. And even if you have a home in the mountains, there are a lot of models that don’t quite satisfy that lust for logs that we all get sometimes. Maybe you have a few logs, but it’s just