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Log Home Maintenance Tips For Summer

Maintaining a log home throughout the seasons is very important for its longevity. Lazy days and warm weather make summer a great time to focus on what your log home needs to stay strong and beautiful for years to come. Here are five tips that you or a log home professional can perform for easy summer maintenance for your home or place of business.

  1. Clean your logs
    One of the best ways to improve the durability of your finish and also keep your log home attractive at all times is performing a maintenance cleaning once a year. Over the seasons, dust, stains, insect and bird residues, and other unsightly and damaging contaminants can accumulate on the exterior surface of your log home. If left unattended to, they can lead to damage. Which better time to clean your log home than during the summer, when logs have adequate heat to dry up completely? Additionally, it advisable to apply finish and preservatives after the logs have been cleaned, which protects the wood and extends its life.
  2. Inspect for gaps and damaged logs
    Gaps are a particular concern for younger log homes, especially those that are under five years old, but can occur in any log home no matter its age. These are a result of the wood shrinking and settling over time. While inspecting for gaps between the logs of your home, also keep an eye out for sealant that has worn away as well as signs of decay or damage. Sealants and other protective coatings can be reapplied while damaged logs should be replaced by a log home professional.
  3. Protect your home from insects
    Insects can be especially annoying during summer. As you check the exterior of your home, be sure to check for signs of insects making themselves at home. This can include carpenter ants, termites or beetles. Signs can include burrowing holes, small piles of sawdust and seeing the actual insects themselves. Protecting your home or place of business is easier than trying to get rid of the insects, so concentrate on ways to keep them out and minimize damage. If you notice insect entry holes, seal them with a log caulking or energy sealant. It will prevent moisture from entering. If the insects have already nested, insecticides will do well in chasing them away. Check with professionals for the best type of product to use to get rid of these pests, and be sure to let them know what kind of stain or coating your logs have so that any products used don’t harm the logs or their protective coating.
  4. Trim shrubs and trees near your home
    Trimming landscaping such as shrubs, bushes, and trees near your home is a must. If bushes or shrubs are too close to the house, they will trap moisture and prevent proper air circulation. In damp conditions, mold will grow on the logs. Excess moisture held in by these shrubs also accelerates the rate at which the logs rot. Plus they limit visibility, making it hard to identify potential problems and deal with them before they cause too much damage.

The key to keeping your log home in good condition is to stick to your list. Walk around the exterior of your log home at least once per season, making a visual inspection and performing maintenance like we’ve listed above. Take care of your log home and it will take care of you for a long, long time.

JonLog Home Maintenance Tips For Summer