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Log Home Thermal Imaging

One common issue that every log home, log cabin, or place of business will have to deal with at some time is air and water leakage – problems that often go hand in hand. Logs naturally expand and contract with the changing seasons, a normal occurrence that over time can lead to cracks that let in air, water and even insect invaders.

If you’ve got a drafty cabin, mysterious water leaks, or any issues with air and water coming into your home or place of business that you don’t want, we offer professional Thermal Imaging services to help pinpoint trouble areas for quick identification and repair.

Log structures require specialized construction skills and experience, ensuring that logs are properly installed to minimize air leakage and ensure proper energy efficient performance. Even if they are properly installed, you still have to deal with issues that come up with natural aging, wear and tear. For instance, it’s natural that moisture will evaporate out of logs, creating minute cracks. Over time, these tiny cracks will widen more and more, especially as the wood expands and contracts with weather and temperature changes. Add to that the damage that insects, poor construction and lack of maintenance can do and you’ve got the potential for a very drafty and unsecure log home.

In the old days the best you could do to solve this was walk around the room with a candle, watching the flame to try and pinpoint where the air was coming in. Luckily we’ve evolved beyond that and now use Thermal Imaging technology to pinpoint exactly where air and water are getting in so that the problem can be addressed right at the source.

How Does Thermal Imaging Work?

Thermal imaging, also called thermography, is the process of using a special camera in a room that can measure differences in air temperature and record and display the results on a laptop or tablet for review. To work properly the room needs to be around 20 degrees warmer or cooler than the outside air for the camera to clearly capture the air flow patterns. Each room that is being tested is sealed as much as possible, with a specialized assembly in the door that effectively pulls air out of the room, thus drawing in outside air from any cracks that are present in the floors, walls or even ceiling. After a typical thermal imaging survey, you receive a report, which may include details of where and how air or water are leaking and how the problem can be corrected.

If you’ve been plagued by invisible air leaks in your home, or have water leaks that you just can’t find the source for, the log home professionals at Prolog Restoration can help you pinpoint the problem using thermal imaging technology and ensure that your home is warm and safe again.

To learn more about our log home, log cabin or log structure business thermal imaging services, request a free quote, or meet with one of our log home maintenance, repair and restoration specialists, give us a call at 877-477-6564