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Log Home Weather Sealing

Weather sealing is necessary to ensure that your log home, cabin, or place of business maintains both its beauty and its resistance to the natural wear-and-tear that nature and time provide. Applying the right kind of weather sealing products to your home will lengthen the life of your stain and make it easier to clean and maintain your home down the line.

Weather sealing log homes plugs air leaks, makes the building more energy efficient and comfortable, reduces heating or cooling costs, protects against water infiltration and keeps out uninvited guests such as insects and decay.

Moisture can be the biggest enemy for your log home – and sealer its biggest defender. To keep moisture out, log home owners use a variety of weather sealing products to seal the cracks and spaces between logs, around doors and windows, and wherever else they show up. There are two basic forms of sealing – caulk and weather stripping. Caulk, a flexible compound, is used to fill cracks and seal gaps between different materials like window frames and siding. If gaps become larger than ¼ of an inch wide, foam sealants are often used to fill them along with areas around windows, chimneys, ducts, vents, and faucets. Weather stripping is used to supplement caulking by adding a strip of vinyl around moveable doors and windows.

One warning: Do not confuse the caulks and weather sealing products we’ve discussed here with traditional caulking that comes in the little “gun” and is used for leaks around the home. Log home caulks and weather sealing products are specially formulated for use with logs and have the ability to expand and contract along with the wood throughout each season.


Log Home Weather Sealing

There are many different types of sealers on the market, so be sure to consult with a log home professional to make sure you are using the right product and application methods to properly protect your log structure.

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