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Log Homes: The Ultimate in Green Living

More and more you see people talking about choosing log homes for a more “green” and environmentally conscious home. This may seem like a modern trend, but if you look at the history of log homes you’ll see that they have always been at the forefront of environmentally-conscious living. Log homes represent one of the most traditional and historic types of homes, yet still remain on the cutting edge of the green movement. Here’s why:

Natural, Renewable Construction Materials

Log homes utilize construction methods that rely on natural materials that are not harmful to environment. Most professional log home builders and restoration experts adhere to responsible building practices using certified logs, harvested using sustainable forestry methods. If you compare constructing a log home with that of a conventional home, it has much lower processing costs and almost zero waste. Wood is a natural, recyclable and renewable resource, and all parts of the tree are used. And most of all, wood is a durable building material that can last for centuries. Even if the home is torn down, it’s building materials can be recycled or reused for a new home. To confirm if your log producer uses sustainable methods, be sure to ask for the source of the logs they use.

Healthy Home Environment:

The use of natural materials in a log home contributes to a healthier environment for you and your family. Highly processed and manufactured materials used for conventional homes produce more pollutants as they are manufactured and can emit harmful toxins into the home environment. Studies have shown that log homes support healthier indoor air quality, including naturally maintaining humidity in a desirable range.

Modern-day treatments now commonly used throughout the log home industry, such as stain and sealers are usually water-based, non-toxic and low VOC. Thanks to increasing regulations on VOC levels in paints and stains, low-VOC options are becoming the norm rather than the exception, and most manufacturers offer less-toxic products.

Energy Efficient

A dream in any season, log homes hold heat longer and cool off quicker. A study conducted by the Department of Energy showed that a solid wood home saves approximately 45% in heating costs and 24% in cooling costs compared to a conventional stick frame home. This energy efficiency is due to the mass of the logs used in building the home. They hold in warm air in the winter, and they store cool air in the summer. Log walls also naturally regulate humidity, making humidifiers and dehumidifiers unnecessary.

Even the Landscape

Log home landscaping tends to focus on using local plants and details that blend in with the environment, rather than fighting nature to create something exotic and out-of-place. Using natural and indigenous landscaping methods and materials avoid the need for chemical treatments and potential pollutants.

Bottom line, you could say that log homes are the original, ultimate green-living home. If you’ve got questions about improving the sustainability of your log home, buying a new home, or how else you can ‘green up’ your log home, give our log home green living experts a call at 877-477-6564.

JonLog Homes: The Ultimate in Green Living

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