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The Importance Of Annual Maintenance

As the owner of a log home, it’s important to understand the unique needs for care and maintenance of these types of structures. The maintenance needs of log homes and places of business are unique when compared to “traditional” homes. Whether you are a new owner, or someone who has enjoyed your log home for years, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with general maintenance routines, keep updated checklists, and have the number of a professional log home repair, restoration and maintenance expert on hand for anything that falls outside your comfort zone.

Maintenance involves keeping the effects of the sun, water damage and insects to a minimum. Simple measures like cleaning the exterior of your log homes, removing insects, pollen and dust from the logs each season is a very good start.

Besides routine cleaning, annual staining is an important part of regular maintenance as well. The staining and chinking process is not a one-time deal, rather it is a continuous process. A few things you can do as the homeowner is to keep an eye out for caulking which has come adrift so that you can cut the remaining caulking with a knife, before applying a new layer of caulking and staining the cabin. You can also avoid costly repair work by staining the logs on your property every few years.

Regular maintenance of a log cabin is essential in order to keep your home or place of business in good working order and preserve it for generations to come. ProLog Construction & Restoration provides complete annual maintenance services for log homes that rejuvenate their natural beauty and reduce the risk of future repair or restoration. Our log home maintenance services include everything from power washing, sealing and staining, to mold and insect abatement, as well as log chinking and repair. Whatever your home needs, you can be sure that we will dedicate our experience and skill to take care of your log home so that it will take care of you for a long, long time.

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