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Media Blasting

When performed by an experienced log home professional, media blasting is an effective way to remove mold, mildew, existing stain and other finishes from the walls of your log structure. There are different types of media blasting commonly used including corn cob grit and walnut shells to abrade the finish off the wood or logs. Each of these have pros and cons depending on the unique situation of your structure, but for most the end result is a cleaner, lighter wood surface that brightens the home’s appearance and prepares it for a fresh stain and seal that will revive the home’s beauty.

While you can try to clean your home using media blasting yourself, we recommend that you consult with a professional before washing your home to make sure you are using the methods, materials and tools that are right for your home’s unique factors. Although there are many videos on YouTube that try to show homeowners how to DIY this type of log home maintenance, the process can be much more difficult than it looks, requiring the rental of industrial equipment and experience using that equipment correctly to avoid accidentally damaging the logs.

The objective of media blasting a log home or place of business is to remove existing stains, seals or finishes, remove UV damage, and generally clean and restore logs to an original, unfinished state. However, it is an aggressive procedure requiring the right tools, experience and skill to perform correctly. If done wrong, media blasting can do a lot of damage to the condition of the structure’s logs in a very short amount of time – a convincing argument for leaving this part of log home maintenance in the hands of experienced professionals.

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