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Why now is the perfect time to invest in a log home

You’ve worked hard, saved your money, and dreamed of owning a log home for some time now. Good news! With the market continuing to climb, and real estate hailed by experts as solid financial investment options, now is the perfect time to realize your dream and invest in a log home.

Whether perched high in the mountains in a forest of pines, or overlooking a picturesque lake far away from the chaos and stress of urban life, log homes have long been the answer for “getting away from it all.” No matter if log homes evoke images from Little House on the Prairie, or flashbacks to camping trips and vacations with friends and family, almost everyone has fond associations with log cabins.

For those who dream of owning these iconic pieces of Americana, the recent upturns in the economy have reignited those dreams and motivated people to take action and start shopping for a log home. Real estate is definitely subject to timing, and there are times when purchasing a new property is not the wisest investment. However, experts are saying that this may be one of the best times to invest in real estate that we’ll see, both right now and for several years to come.

Here at Prolog Restorations, we’ve seen an upsurge in interest first hand, with more and more calls from people who are interested in building new log homes, or have recently purchased log homes and want expert advice for restoring and maintaining their homes. It’s great to see that log homes are coming back into fashion and people are once again appreciating their natural feel and retro appeal. Part of this movement back to log homes could be connected to many people’s desire to live more in touch with nature, simplify their lives, and get back to a feeling of living off the land and being connected to nature.

If you live in California and are interested in building a new log home or considering restoration of an existing structure, give us a call at 877-477-6564. We can help you realize your vision, whether it’s creating your dream home from scratch, or bringing an old one back to its former glory.


JonWhy now is the perfect time to invest in a log home

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