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Porch And Deck Additions For Log Homes & Cabins

One of the many positive points of living in a log home – or visiting larger log structures such as restaurants or inns – is the ability to enjoy the view both inside and out. Most log homes are built to accommodate large decks and porches so that owners can spend time outside in comfort and enjoy their surroundings. If you are planning on adding or renovating a deck, porch or even a whole new room for your log home, we can help.

We’ve worked with log home owners throughout California and Idaho for more than 30 years, adding porches, extending decks, and expanding the size (and enjoyment!) of homes by adding rooms or other structural details to homes and places of business. We even offer 3D Modeling services that will take your ideas and bring that vision to life with digital renderings of how each project will affect your home before anyone swings a hammer.

From simple porches with swinging hammocks or rocking chairs, to luxury porches and additional rooms inside, all of these can serve to increase each home’s enjoyment factor. And fun features incorporating home comforts can be built into each project such as adding ornate fire pits, brick ovens and smokers, and even small outdoor kitchens. One can enjoy a gorgeous panoramic view while kicking back in luxurious indoor/outdoor furnishings. Outdoor temperatures need not apply when one has huge outdoor fireplaces and built-in radiant heaters to stay warm and cozy.

As one of California’s premier log home renovation and restoration experts, we provide:
  • Room Additions
  • New Porches
  • Porch Extensions
  • Porch Additions
  • New Decks
  • Deck Extensions
  • 3D Rendering / Modeling

At Prolog Restoration, our goal is each customers’ complete satisfaction. Using the latest technology, regular communication and exceptional customer service, we keep clients involved every step of the way to ensure the best experience.

To learn more about our log home deck, porch or room addition, expansion or repair services, request a free quote, or meet with one of our repair, restoration and maintenance specialists, give us a call at 877-477-6564