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Realtor Services For Log Homes

Log homes, log cabins and log structures are a unique niche in real estate. If you’re a real estate professional with clients who want to sell, buy, or invest in log homes or places of business, having an experienced log home professional who you trust to handle inspections, repairs, and for referrals for past and future clients is key.

We can’t stress enough the importance of finding someone with in-depth experience and knowledge of log homes and log structures. Traditional builders and home inspectors are not experienced in the unique aspects of log and heavy timber construction and don’t always know what to look for or suggest for repair and upkeep when it comes to log homes. Log homes may last forever, but they do need upkeep and it’s a specialized upkeep. Providing your clients with the service and expertise of a qualified log home professional will save everyone time, money and stress throughout the home-buying and owning experience.

Here’s How our experts at ProLog Restorations are helping realtors and real estate professionals throughout California and Idaho today:

Log homes have unique maintenance requirements. Not necessarily more difficult, just different than traditional homes. Check out the library of free articles we offer here at for seasonal maintenance checklists, a free downloadable ebook for owning a log home, and a wide variety of resources and educational articles about everything from protective exterior coatings, to watching for pests or mildew, and how to upkeep caulking between logs. Understanding the unique aspects of log homes and the requirements for their care and upkeep will elevate your reputation as a Realtor who specializes in log home sales.

Log homes are truly unique structures. There are many different methods used for constructing log homes, and many special conditions and issues that can arise from these types of structures. Without the insight from a certified, experienced log home inspector, buyers could watch the home of their dreams turn into a nightmare down the road. Here at ProLog Restorations, we offer professional log home inspection services that give you or your client the benefit of our unmatched wealth of knowledge and experience for every log home inspection we perform. If you need professional log home inspection services, contact Jonathan Cassaday via EMAIL, or call our offices at 877-477-6564

Maintenance is extremely important to keep the beauty and integrity of log homes or places of business going strong. We can help with re-staining, restoring, repairing, refinishing, caulking, weather sealing and other maintenance work. And if there are air or water leaks, we use high-tech thermal imaging to find and fix those leaks. If annual log home maintenance services are needed, or an inspector determines that repairs are needed for a sale, you can call on us. If a long-time client needs restoration services for their legacy log home, or wants to find out about adding on a new porch, deck or addition to their current home or weekend cabin in the woods, we can help too.

No matter what your needs are, ProLog Restorations has the knowledge, hands-on experience and focused expertise to make sure your clients’ log homes last a long, long time. We are Professionally Certified, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured and our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

There are many assumptions and misconceptions regarding log homes that your clients will bring to you. We can be the resource you need to give them the answers they are looking for, boosting their trust in your expertise and services.

We work with log home owners and log home professionals throughout California and Idaho and are often approached by people who wish to buy their own log home or weekend getaway cabin. We are happy to refer these contacts to real estate professionals we have developed relationships with that will enhance both our reputations and help people find the log home of their dreams.

Here at ProLog Restorations Inc, we offer log home building, inspection, and restoration services for log homes throughout California, Idaho and Montana. We work with log home realtors in every area and are happy to provide services for them and their clients to ensure a satisfying experience for all. For more information, free guides, and to become one of our referrals, please reach out to us EMAIL, or call our offices at 877-477-6564