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What Realtors need to know about buying log homes – log home realtors – log home inspectors

The first step in finding the perfect log home is to find a real estate agent who knows log homes and understands this unique niche market. Log home Realtors know that working with log homes and the people who love them is quite different than selling homes in a traditional market, with everything from marketing to sales and inspections requiring unique resources for a successful experience.

Log Home Realtors

Educate your buyers. There are many assumptions and misconceptions regarding owning a log home that are important to address up front. Many will worry that log homes are energy efficient, or that they won’t offer the same comforts of life they enjoyed in previous homes. If Realtors who sell log homes directly address common issues with prospective buyers before taking them out to view log homes for sale, the entire process will be much easier and without unfortunate surprises.

Site locations are important, too. For many vacation home buyers, wanting to feel like they’ve “gotten away from it all” is important, but finding out the actual level of isolation they desire is important for finding the right log home for them. Log home Realtors understand that reasonable proximity to grocery stores, medical care and other basics, while still enjoying a sense of privacy and retreat from the daily grind, is often the perfect mix.

For today’s environmentally-conscious homeowner, log homes fit perfectly into green-living lifestyles. Today’s builders use logs from sustainable forests, which means the trees are grown specifically for the purpose of being cut down, saving forests that are at risk elsewhere. And all portions of the log are used in the log home building process, keeping waste to a minimum. And log homes are energy-efficient as well. Due to the thickness of the logs used as building materials, log homes are great at maintaining temperature and conserving energy. They are able to naturally absorb heat during the day, then radiate it at night, keeping the interior at an even temperate and reducing the need for forced heat or air.

As you can guess, log homes and log cabins also have unique maintenance requirements. Not necessarily more difficult, just different than traditional homes. Check out the library of free articles we offer here at for seasonal maintenance checklists, free downloadable ebooks for owning a log home, and a wide variety of resources and educational articles about everything from protective exterior coatings, to watching for pests or mildew, and how to upkeep caulking between logs. Understanding the unique aspects of log homes and the requirements for their care and upkeep will elevate your reputation as a Realtor who specializes in log home sales.

Log home sales and marketing: As real estate agents specializing in selling log homes, marketing tactics will be different as well. Log homes are as much about a lifestyle as they are about a home. Log home Realtors are often working with an audience seeking vacation or getaway homes, retirement homes, or other second-home scenarios. Being aware of this allows you to adjust your marketing and your approach to prospective buyers, boosting your efforts for a positive experience for all.

Log Home Professional Resource: Having an experienced log home professional who you trust to handle log home inspections, log home repairs, and for referrals for past and future clients is key. We can’t stress enough the importance of finding someone with in-depth experience and knowledge of log homes and log structures. Traditional builders and home inspectors are not experienced in the unique aspects of log and heavy timber construction and don’t always know what to look for or suggest for repair and upkeep when it comes to log homes. Log homes may last forever, but they do need upkeep and it’s a specialized upkeep. Providing your clients with the service and expertise of a qualified log home professional will save everyone time, money and stress throughout the home-buying and owning experience.

Here at ProLog Restorations, we offer log home building, log home inspection, and log home restoration services for log homes throughout California. We have worked with log home real estate agents in every area and are happy to provide services for them and their clients to assure a satisfying experience for all. For more information, free guides, and to become one of our referrals, please reach out to us at or 877-477-6564.

JonWhat Realtors need to know about buying log homes – log home realtors – log home inspectors

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