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Why Stain Quality Matters

We’ve discussed here on the Prolog blog about Paint vs. Stain for your log home. And dug deep into the top of which type of stain is best to use – oil-base or water-base. The next step? How to make sure you’ve got the best quality stain – and why it matters.

When choosing a stain for your home, quality definitely makes a big difference. All stains are not made alike. Here is a quick checklist you can use when choosing a stain to make sure you’ve got the best quality for your log home.

  1. Check that your stain is intended for log homes. This may seem obvious, but not all stains are made for logs, so be sure to read the product information closely or ask someone who knows. The right stain will make your logs look good AND allow them to breathe while still offering the best possible protection against aging and the elements.
  2. Choose a long-lasting brand. When purchasing a log home, most owners are aware that there will be some maintenance, but having to redo a finish every 1-2 years is not something anybody wants to have to do. While your initial purchase may be more expensive, you’ll make up for it by not having to reapply so often.
  3. Be sure that the stain provides UV protection for your logs. The surface of logs needs to be protected from the damaging rays of the sun, similar to applying sunscreen. Sunscreens with high UV inhibitors protect your skin better, and the same is true with log stains. You’ll want to avoid using clear finishes only because they provide less UV protection from the sun.
  4. Cheaper prices or flashier advertising doesn’t equal better quality. While good stains may be a bit more of an investment, in the long run your budget will thank you as a longer-lasting, high-quality product will protect and beatify for much longer than lower-quality ones.

Once you choose a high-quality stain, be sure to pay attention to the prep work to help it last even longer. Read the instructions thoroughly and be sure to ask questions or talk to a log cabin professional before you get started. Be sure to clean your logs properly, then thoroughly dry them before applying stain. Follow with a clear coat, just like you would for a car. It add an extra layer of longevity, durability and protection against the elements.

If you are considering staining for your log home or cabin, please take a few moments to give us a call at 877-477-6564 for a free consultation about what the best move is for the health, beauty and longevity of your home. We’ve specialized in log home staining, repairs and restoration for over 20 years and have the knowledge, equipment and experience to help you make sure your home stays healthy and looks great!

JonWhy Stain Quality Matters

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