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When to Replace Your Log Home Windows

This is the perfect time of year to check on the windows of your log home and see if they need to be replaced. Replacing damaged, outdated or just plain drab windows will help keep your utility bill down, your heat or air-conditioning in, and improve your homes’ overall value as well as your enjoyment ofit.

If your log home is 15 years or older, it’s time to take a look. Many older log homes were built using single pane windows that are prone to leaking, easily damaged, and not efficient by today’s standards. Here are a few signs to look for:

  • Wood surrounding window shows signs of rot
  • Glass or frame is warped
  • Difficulty opening and closing them
  • Water or condensation build-up
  • Cracks in the glass or surrounding frame
  • Drafty year-round
  • Locks no longer work

Keeping windows looking good and in good working order are basic maintenance requirements, especially for those who own older log homes. Replacing caulking and regular cleaning and maintenance are all things that you can do yourself, but when it’s time to replace your windows, it’s best to consult with a log home professional.

Log home maintenance and restoration specialists can tell you if you need a brand new windows, or if it’s just a matter of replacing or retrofitting a new frame around the window. It’s also important to have someone who understands that when it comes to maintaining your home’s aesthetic appeal, not just any old window will do. Our log specialists at Prolog Restorations use high-quality brand windows and trim on both the interior and exterior that seamlessly matches and blends in with the original wood of the home.

Once you’ve installed new windows, be sure to protect them by keeping direct water runoff away as much as possible. Generous roof overhangs or eaves are great for this, but you can also protect your windows with the strategic installation of gutters and downspouts.

Overall, the benefits of replacing or upgrading your log home windows extend beyond energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal to improving the enjoyment you have of your home and even offering tax benefits by installing energy-approved units. If you’re unsure about the state of your windows and would like for our experts to take a look, please give us a call at 877-477-6564 or email


JonWhen to Replace Your Log Home Windows

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