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Got bats? What do I need to get rid of bats in my log home

While bats are a vital part of our eco-system, it’s not so great when they decide to move in and make themselves at home. In general, bats prefer to roost in caves, hollow trees, or under the protection of rock outcroppings or even bridges. But if none of those are available, the nearest barn, outbuilding or home may do.

Log homes and other types of buildings give bats what they need to survive: protection from predators, shelter from cold temperatures, and a safe place to raise their young. This makes them somewhat vulnerable to bat infestations, especially if they are neglected and don’t receive regular maintenance.

When log home owners think they might have bats, they call ProLog Restorations for help with safely removing the bats and repairing any damage that may have been done. We partner with professional bat exclusion companies to ensure that these protected animals are safely removed, then inspect and repair damage while also making sure potential points of entry are sealed up so the bats can’t return.

If you suspect that you’ve got bats in your attic (or anywhere else), we’re rounded up a few tips about bats to help you know what steps to take.

How do I know if I have bats in my home?

Aside from visibly spotting bats in your attic, crawlspace or under porch eaves, there are a few others signs you can watch for.

Listening for bats is not the easiest way to identify them. Bats are usually very quiet during the day. You will only hear them if they have moved down into the walls to roost and they are disturbed by a loud sound such as a banging door. Even then you will only hear faint squeaking or scratching noises.

Another sign of bats is finding guano droppings near open spaces they might use as entrances to your home. Bat droppings resemble mouse droppings, only larger, and accumulate on walls, windowsills, or porches directly below where bats are entering your home.

If you notice any of these signs, but haven’t visibly seen a bat yet, it’s time to schedule a “bat watch” with friends or family. At sunset, have a few people take lawns chair outside, sit down at different locations around the house, and watch for bats leaving for the night. Depending on the type of bats, they can begin flying at night anywhere from 30 minutes before sunset to a couple hours after sunset. If you see or notice any of these signs, it’s time to call ProLog Restorations for a bat inspection.

How do bats get inside log homes?

Bats are very good at getting inside even the smallest holes and gaps in a home. Without regular maintenance a lot of the issues below can occur that allow bats to get inside.

  • Doors propped open for long periods of time
  • Loose or missing chinking between logs
  • Torn or missing screens
  • Warped frames around windows
  • End tiles, field tiles, or ridge caps that are missing mortaring
  • Dry rot, woodpecker holes, insect damage
  • Rotted log outlookers
  • Damage from ice dams

Can bats damage my home?

In addition to the smell, bat guano and urine can have other detrimental effects on log home materials. They contain high levels of uric acid that can damage wood, metals, stone, and even concrete. As bat guano and urine saturates logs and crystallizes, the wood fibers expand and separate, eventually needing replacement.

How do I get rid of bats safely?

Many bats are protected and beneficial, even necessary, for a healthy environment. The best way to remove bats in a safe and humane manner, and prevent them from returning, is to hire a professional bat exclusion company familiar with log home and log structures. Here at ProLog Restoration we work closely with professional bat exclusion companies for bat removal and to ensure that any damage after removal is detected and repaired.

If you have questions about bat removal from your log home, or suspect that you might have bats and would like an inspection, please give us a call at 877-477-6564.

JonGot bats? What do I need to get rid of bats in my log home