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Does My Log Home Need New Electrical?

Your log home might be old, but that doesn’t mean your electrical system should be. Even if you love the old-fashion charm of your home, a modern electrical system is critical for keeping your home and family safe and functioning efficiently. In fact, outdated panels, outlets and wiring in home electrical systems are blamed for over 50,000 fires and more than $1 billion in property damage each year.

Wiring in log cabins is not the same as wiring in stick-frame homes. If your log home is more than 40 years home and hasn’t been upgraded for a few decades, it’s a good idea to call experienced log home electrical professionals like ProLog Restorations for an inspection.

If you’re on the fence regarding your log home’s electrical system and wiring, here are a few signs it’s time for an inspection or upgrade:

  1. Flickering lights: Firelight should flicker, electrical lights should not. If you notice eerie flickering in the night, call ProLog Restorations (and not the Ghostbusters!).
  2. You lose electricity when using multiple appliances: Frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers are a big sign that it’s time to update your electrical system.
  3. Most of your outlets have only 2 prongs. This is a huge safety risk. Properly grounded 3-prong outlets should be at the top of your list for a house that can handle today’s technology safely.
  4. Buzzing or sizzling sounds coming from your outlets: Snap, crackle and pop should only be heard in breakfast cereal, not in your electrical outlets.
  5. Plugs fall out of outlets: This can be a sign of damage or aging in the internal workings of the outlet and pose a serious fire hazard.
  6. You get shocked when plugging or unplugging a cord: No matter what, getting shocked is a bad thing around any electrical systems and should be addressed immediately by a log home professional like ProLog Restorations.

At ProLog Restorations, we recommend that homes over 30 years old should have their electrical system inspected for safety and upgrades to keep up with newer technology and safety and efficiency features. Log home owners who are also renovating their homes should take the opportunity to upgrade their systems as well.

For log home electrical systems, inspections, maintenance and service ProLog Restorations is the best resource for owners in California, Idaho and the Western United States. We are a state licensed contractor with 30 years of experience, are professionally certified, bonded, and insured and our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Call us at 877-477-6564 or email We’re here to help.

JonDoes My Log Home Need New Electrical?