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Log Home Maintenance

Log home inspection checklist for buying older log homes

If you’ve decided to act on your dream of owning a log home, and want to buy a classic home that’s been around a while, it’s important to look beyond the dream and beneath the surface to know if it’s the right choice for you. A professional home inspector is always a good idea, and

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How to Choose the Right Company to Work on Your Log Home

Choosing the right log home company to help build or maintain your log home may be one of the most important decisions you make for the beauty and longevity of your log home. Choosing someone without the right qualifications and industry expertise can turn your dream into a nightmare. That’s why, as one of the

When to repair or replace your log home roof

No matter how much love and care you put into your log home, it’s inevitable that at some point it will need repairs or even replacement to keep your home safe and secure. The decision of repair vs. replace often torments log home owners. After all, you don’t want to reroof too soon if you

How to Get Your Log Home Deck Ready for Spring

Winter may yet be raging in some parts of the country, but here in California we’re seeing hints of spring on its way. Year-round exposure to sun, rain and snow takes its toll on decks, especially log homes located in higher mountain areas. That’s why now is a good time to start planning to get

How to make sure you’re working with a skilled log home craftsman

Choosing the right contractor for your log home project may be the most important decision you make. Expertise is the first and foremost element you should consider when interview contractors. Choosing a general contractor without looking into their experience when it comes to log structures is a sure way to end up with a less-than-satisfactory

The Do’s and Don’ts of working with a log home professional

When it’s time to contract with a log home professional to work on your log home or place of business, it’s best to know a few do’s and don’ts that will assure the best possible experience for everyone. Log structures are unique and therefore require specialized skills and experience. When you bring in work crews

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How to Winterize Your Log Home

Winter Proofing Log Homes is Important Fall is the best time of year for an early start on winter proofing log homes. There is a lot you can do now to towards getting your log home ready for winter and save yourself from last-minute frantic trips to the home and garden stores when the first

How to repair and maintain log ends

When it comes to the maintenance and long-term care of a log home, one part that owners are often confused about are the log ends. As you go through your log home maintenance checklist, be sure to pay special attention to the log ends. This is where the grain is exposed, creating a natural place

Why Stain Quality Matters

We’ve discussed here on the Prolog blog about Paint vs. Stain for your log home. And dug deep into the top of which type of stain is best to use – oil-base or water-base. The next step? How to make sure you’ve got the best quality stain – and why it matters. When choosing a

California Cabins: How too much sun can harm log homes

If you own a log home in beautiful California, you probably feel pretty lucky. All that sunshine, gorgeous weather, and great scenery does make for some of the best log cabin living you can get. However, when it comes to homes and other structures built with logs, there comes a point where too much sunshine

What’s Best For Log Home Stains: Oil Base or Water Base?

When it comes to stains for log homes, people love to debate about the pros and cons of oil-based stains versus water-based latex stains. Thanks to environmental awareness and EPA standards, both types of stains have reduced their VOC content and become comparable in many ways. When it comes down to it, making the right

After the Storm: Caring for your Log Home after El Nino

Rain, wind, snow, more rain. Yes, El Nino was here. You weathered the big storms in your beautiful log home, now what? If your log home was in an area affected by El Nino this year, now is the perfect time to inspect for damages, begin repairs, and make sure your cabin gets the maintenance

How to Prepare Your Log Home for El Nino

Is your log home or place of business prepared for the harsh wind, rain and storms of El Nino? No matter where you live, you’re likely to be affected in some way by the harsh storms and rains predicted for this season. It’s never too late to take steps to ensure your log home is

How to Lower Log Home Heating Costs

How to Lower Log Home Heating Costs

When you see smoke rising from the chimney of a log home, that can often mean that something else is rising, too – heating bills! Here’s the good news. Solid log walls offer excellent resistance to the passage of heat. In fact, solid logs actually absorb heat and retain it. This is due to the

When to Replace Your Log Home Windows

This is the perfect time of year to check on the windows of your log home and see if they need to be replaced. Replacing damaged, outdated or just plain drab windows will help keep your utility bill down, your heat or air-conditioning in, and improve your homes’ overall value as well as your enjoyment

How to design a low maintenance log home

No matter if you are building a new log home from scratch or already enjoy the cabin of your dreams, you’ll hear lots of talk about the importance of maintenance for ensuring your home stands the test of time. The three things that threaten log homes the most are sun, moisture and wood destroying organisms.

Log Home Maintenance Tips For Summer

Maintaining a log home throughout the seasons is very important for its longevity. Lazy days and warm weather make summer a great time to focus on what your log home needs to stay strong and beautiful for years to come. Here are five tips that you or a log home professional can perform for easy

How to fix water leaks in your log home

If you have a log home in California, at some point you may have to deal with a problem that can be common to a handful of log structures – water leaks. Usually the log homes that are affected are ones that are found in extreme weather environments. Rainstorms and melting snow can bring water

Superior Log Home Restoration and Care – Log Home Restoration Checklist

You did it! You finally took the leap and purchased your own log home – congratulations! At some point, though, it’s normal to start thinking “I’ve got a log home, now what?!” As the owner of a log home, it’s important to understand the unique needs for care and maintenance for your new home. Log